Congratulations Rendlesham Parish Council!

The Local Council Public Advisory Service had the pleasure of presenting Rendlesham Parish Council last night with our 'Exceptional Achievement Award'

LCPAS make only one award per year and this award is for 'Exceptional Achievement'.

This recognises a Parish or Town Council that has gone above and beyond, in the service of their community. It is intended to raise the profile of Parish and Town Councils, and demonstrate their immense worth in their communities. It rewards achievement and not just whether a Parish or Town Council complies with the law. Therefore it holds as a reward of high integrity.

LCPAS have the great pleasure in awarding the very first, Exceptional Achievement Award 2015 to Rendlesham Parish Council.

This is in recognition, not only of the becoming the first Suffolk Council to successfully put in place a Neighbourhood Plan and saving key community assets, achieving an amazing referendum result but also the fantastic and intelligent way, it consults. Over the last four years, Rendlesham Parish Council has brought the community together and undertaken projects based on its communities evidenced needs.

The Chairman, Councillors and Staff deserve praise and recognition, it is not an easy job being a Councillor or working for a Council, but you have all proved through hard work and working together, exactly why Parish Councils are vital to their communities.

Jayne Cole, CEO LCPAS