Our Commitment to Parish, Town Councils and Parish Meetings 

The local council sector is a vibrant and very interesting world. It provides very local services and is served by those who have a wish to help their communities. There really is no one else who cares more about your community, its residents, roads, green space, facilities and air space.

Councils and their staff require expert support services, they need reliable legal advice which is consistent and balanced procedural advice and views. It is vital that Councillors and Clerks understand the legal requirements and also receive support for challenging situations. Having access to an expert advisor in person is very important, someone who understands the issues and can offer advice accordingly. It is also a great moral support in trying times to have an actual person to talk over the issues with. We felt it was the most important area so we dedicate 42 hours of manned telephone support per week. We also offer an out of hours service by arrangement which could be a conference call with a council before a meeting via Skype or  telephone advice for a clerk.

Councils need help and encouragement to engage with modern technology and we provide advice on all aspects or this area. Whether is support using social media, IT contracts, leases or advice on the Publication Code we can assist. We will soon also be providing low cost, high quality broadband services and IT equipment.

Our training fully embraces IT as a delivery option and we also sell off the peg training modules for local delivery. We are developing online training modules and training films that can be viewed individually or as a whole council. We also recognise the value of face to face training and we provide this also.

All of our training is affordable as are support subscriptions although we are a business, our heart and soul is providing excellent services. Being a business is in fact a great advantage as we concentrate on service delivery and we are not distracted by other issues, distractions or in delivering another parties agenda's and commitments.

Parish Meetings require specialist support from experts who understand their powers and potential. They are not a body that is tacked on to local government they are bodies in their own right and deserve dedicated support and training to meet their needs.

There are two long standing support agencies who do an a great job but there has never been a real alternative or complimentary service to work alongside, if required. When we set up LCPAS it was to address this inequality, after all councils have plenty of supermarkets to choose from or solicitors, grass cutting services, play equipment inspectors and internal auditors. With 10,000 councils across England we decided there was room in the market for us to offer excellence in modern up to date services and training. Although we have broken the mold, we have done so in the spirit of goodwill and with very objective aims and visions.

I firmly believe as that LCPAS is the modern, nimble and responsive alternative the sector has been shouting out for.

We are proud to serve Councils, their Councillors and Officers and Parish Meetings of England.  

Jayne Cole