This course covers various ways that public nuisance within our communities can be addressed:
Looking at the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014
How Public Spaces Protection Orders can be used to address certain types of nuisance
The kind of behaviour that can be addressed by an Order
The kind of  Public Places that can be covered
Controlling dogs and dog fouling
Who can make an Order and how
Penalties, appeals and enforcement 
Statutory Nuisance
We look at the Environmental Protection Act 1990
What constitutes a Statutory Nuisance
How they can be addressed and by which authority
The process of issuing an Abatement Notice
Appeals and Penalties
Litter, Fly Posting, Nuisance Parking
We also cover the process for applying Bye-Laws 
 Implementing Bye-Laws
 The Model Bye-Law Sets
 Determining whether a Bye-Law may be applied
 Variations of wording
 The role of Secretary of State CLG
Policing Bye-Laws
This course will benefit all councillors and clerks.

Course duration approximately 2 hours