The Committee on Standards in Public Life is undertaking a review of local government ethical standards

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 Robust standards arrangements are needed to safeguard local democracy, maintain high standards of conduct, and to protect ethical practice in local government.

 The terms of reference for the review are to:

  •  examine the structures, processes and practices in local government in England for:
  • maintaining codes of conduct for local councillors
  • investigating alleged breaches fairly and with due process
  • enforcing codes and imposing sanctions for misconduct
  • declaring interests and managing conflicts of interest
  • whistleblowing
  • assess whether the existing structures, processes and practices are conducive to high standards of conduct in local government
  • make any recommendations for how they can be improved
  • note any evidence of intimidation of councillors, and make recommendations for any measures that could be put in place to prevent and address such intimidation

The review will consider all levels of local government in England, including town and parish councils, principal authorities, combined authorities (including Metro Mayors) and the Greater London Authority (including the Mayor of London).

 Who can respond?

Anyone with an interest may respond to the consultation questions. The Committee welcomes submissions from members of the public. However, the consultation is aimed particularly at the following stakeholders, both individually and corporately:

local authorities and standards committees

local authority members (for example, Parish Councillors, District Councillors)

local authority officials (for example, Monitoring Officers)

think tanks with an interest or expertise in local government

academics with interest or expertise in local government

representative bodies or groups related to local government

 Further information, submission guidelines, and consultation questions can be found in the consultation document.