Town Councils

Town Councils have the same powers and duties as Parish Councils. However, by virtue of being a Town Council they can call their Chairman, Mayor. Town Councils usually have a larger electorate and area, their activities reflect the community they represent and the demands that are placed upon it.

Town Councils require a different approach to support than other local authorities.

The support LCPAS provide for Town Councils, reflects their individuality and the increasing demands that are being placed on them. We recognise that their training needs are also different from other authorities, it needs to be tailored to support Officers and Councillors in the work they are undertaking and the assets and facilities they run. They often are owners or  Custodian Trustees of  beautiful Town Halls, Moot Halls and amenity land for their community to enjoy.

Being a Town Councillor usually entails representing a particular Ward and Town Councillors are more likely to belong to a political group. Town Councils are also more likely  to go to poll at the Local Elections and to hold By-Elections.  

Town Councils often have  a number of employees carrying out various roles, which leads to them requiring more support around HR.

Town Councils by their nature tend to have more diverse functions which may include parks, cinemas, arts centers, leisure facilities, skate and BMX parks and youth facilities. This necessitates access to reliable and consistent advice delivered in a timely manner and access to Solictiors and HR experts, when required.

We want Town Councils to feel supported and valued and have access to expert advice and training that addresses their individual needs. Our ethos is built on giving enabling advice and providing training that is informative, informal and enjoyable. We want delegates to get the most out of our courses and enjoy their time with us. 

LCPAS provides 42 hours of helpline support per week, which includes access to a legal opinion or HR expert. We provide advice via the telephone and emails, which is provided on the day we receive the query,  we can obtain a legal opinion within 24 hours.  

We also issue legal updates, summaries of Acts, Bills and Government guidance through our Ezelegal service. Every month we publish a Newsletter for our subscribers, which contains up to date information on legislation, grants and items of interest. It is delivered in an electronic format which means that readers can access any links within it directly. It is also bite size and as it is not wordy, it is easier to digest, especially if you are busy.

We deliver training at various locations on a myriad of topical subjects and we also offer bespoke sessions, designed around your Councils needs and requirements  delivered at a venue of your choice.

 For more information on Powers and Duties of Town Councils click here

Annual Subscription for Town Councils £200 

LCPAS Bespoke Training Rates £100 plus mileage (includes materials, equipment and trainer)  

For further details, give us a call, we will be delighted to have a chat: 01787 279204 or email